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Zak Warren

I've been unbelievably fortunate to have lived a life full of athletics, adventure, and brotherhood.

I spent six amazing years serving in the United States Navy as a Helicopter Rescue Swimmer, a career that helped me discover who I was as a man. It challenged me mentally, physically, and put my leadership to the test. It paved a path for me to launch a second career in the professional world.

Like many fathers, mothers, and other corporate professionals I struggled to find the balance with my desire to advance within my career, my time as a father and husband, and my own fitness. I found myself spending more and more time in the office and less and less time in the gym. In what felt like a short time I went from the powerful elite athlete the Navy made me into, to the classical desk jockey body I had always dreaded. 

This is where the vision of Soken Fitness came into being. My desire to rediscover the athlete inside me and other's like me, striving to stay fit and functional in their lives. I want my children to grow up seeing their dad as the strong, healthy example they've always seen me as. To be able to throw them in the air, or to carry them through the surf on my back. I want to help you reach your own dreams, live a long healthy life and live a happy life. 

Jim Warren

The FACTS; Yes, I’m a MASTER Trainer, Certified by numerous companies to Certify other trainers. A runner-up Trainer-of-the-Year and 3X Invitee to ‘The Meeting of the Minds’, an invitation only meeting of the top 50 trainers in the World. All pretty awesome for a kid who had 9 kids in his 8th grade class. And there are pages more about the NFL, MVPs in 3 Major sports and a great personal athletic career (certs and resume). But more importantly: 


The WHY: I think WHY I train is almost more important than a bunch of great certifications and accolades: I had a handicap when I was born and my parents were told I would never run, never play sports. But as the son of a career MARINE, over-coming obstacles was just a way of life, and so my Dad did what any MARINE would do; ‘Run Jim!’ My Dad timed me around the farm: get a screwdriver, get a hammer, run to get him a sandwich. All with a watch, and always with a ‘Good job’. Really my first trainer when I look back on it. 


So now after a great career as an athlete, I ran into another great man who said ‘Man, you would be perfect for and really like the fitness business’. That was 38 years ago and to this day I try to inspire everyone to find something to train for: A wedding, paddle-boarding, living longer, feeling better, maybe just to look and sleep better. As a Dad and now Grandfather, my motivations are to see my sons through their lives to success, see my Grand kids through school, and maybe walk across Norway or drive a boat the length of the inter coastal-waterway, to the keys anyway!  

What is your WHY? Look good in family pictures? Outwork (or out drive) the other Execs? Walk into a nice restaurant with confidence? I can help you train for a marathon, prep for a baby (or get back in shape after one), or just feel like a kid again (that’s my favorite reason). Share your dreams with me and then watch great things happen…

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