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Our clients enjoy an array of programs built to suit their individualized training plan to yield the best results. A combination of personal training designed to build a strong foundation oriented around their unique goals and challenges, and group classes built to develop a strong sense of community and culture of improvement.


All our personal training starts with a one on one assessment with a Soken Coach. Our assessment program built by Master Trainer Jim Warren is built to ensure you get a customized program, incorporating YOUR goals and dreams while accounting for your personal challenges.

Contact us for your complimentary assement!


We believe there is an athlete inside every one of our clients, we want to help you identify and bring that athlete out while having fun and getting in the best shape of your life. Our assessment process places you in a skill/experience appropriate course, surrounded by client athletes like you! Whether you're just getting started on your fitness journey, or training for your next Iron Man we have a plan for you.


The SPEED SECRET is a Trademarked Youth Performance program that transcends individual sports by making every young athlete the absolute fastest version of them. Want your child to stand-out at tryouts or thrive after making the TEAM? Well, coaches like ‘Sparkly Items’ and fast kids always seem to get at least the first chances at success. While most families and athletes spend hours and hours on improving skill-sets (which all kids do) and improving by little amounts, The SPEED SECRET helps kids get faster in a short time, bypassing all the skill-set  improvements of their peers.  Get your young athete a complimentary Assessment ($179 value) and let’s find a way to help them standout, QUICKLY!

Salmon Fillet

We believe in food first nutrition programs, adding supplements where needed. Every client receives nutritional guidance to the degree that they want, including a weekly follow up. We're here to help you get the most out of your training commitment by insuring your nutrition is on track.

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