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Hear what our amazing clients have to say about our product.

Dawn Moffit

Dawn came to us with a LOT of experience in with other gyms. Each of them failed to design a program around HER, dropping her into an 'established' system that failed to get her the results she was looking for. With Soken, she's fitter than ever and having a blast.

Buddy Blake

All our clients come to us with a unique set of goals. Buddy Blake, owner of Waypost Realty came to us with a desire to shed his Covid weight, improve strength and overall health. Hear from him how Soken has upped his fitness game and helped to get him off his heart medication.

David Kostyal

Zak sits down with David Kostyal, pro golfer, to talk about his journey of physical evolution. As a professional athlete, our program needed to focus on keeping Dave's body strong and resilient, improving power without injury. 

Robert Jordan

Robert is well on the path to his goals, hoping to improve his health after multiple knee surgeries. He's already lost 60lbs and has built a foundation to push him to his next set of goals!

Nate Smith

Nate and Anna came to us with similar goals, as collegiate lacrosse players they were both looking to up their game. Using our Speed Secret program we focused on speed, power and control to send them back to the field with a cutting edge.

Anna Dennison

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“After a just a few months of working with Jim, our 13-year old son is remarkably faster around the bases than we’ve ever seen before.”  


“Our son calls Jim a ‘Body Science Genius’.  What else is there to say?”


“Our son’s stamina and strength is significantly increased from working with Jim.  Last tournament he was able to pitch effectively for 5 innings, which he’s never been able to do before”. 


Jake kicked butt on the mound on Sunday and was really fun to watch.  Thanks so much for all you’ve done to help him.


(Update: Jake went on to play baseball at Trinity U. in San Antonio, TX)

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As former college athletes, my wife and I wanted to regain our fitness after years of the corporate ‘GRIND’. Jim built a small group for my wife Kary, my college buddy Jim, and myself and 1 or 2 others from time to time. He took into account our different goals (I’m a water skier, my wife is new to horses and Jim’s wants to hang with his kids who are lacrosse and hockey athletes), our different physical challenges, and our different desire to work while in the gym. It was fun, challenging, and we all got better. 


Mark Kroger

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We are so fortunate to have found you.  Devlin has benefited greatly from your training from both the speed stand point and the mental aspects of baseball.  Devlin had to drive 1 ½ hours roundtrip to train with you and it was well worth the effort and expense.  He was able to gain speed and core strength necessary to compete at a high level.  We are very blessed as a family to have found you and plan on continuing to train with you when he is home on breaks.  He was awarded a baseball scholarship to Creighton and to that we are very grateful for your support.  Thanks, Mark & Lori Granberg


(Update: Dev went on to set a JUCO World Series hitting record (previously held by Kirby Pucket), was the 2X Missouri Conference batting champ (at Dallas Baptist) and was 27 steals for 28 attempts this spring vs D-1 opponents (at 224 lbs.!) and was drafted in the 4th round by the Boston RED SOX and is playing in S. Carolina!

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Last summer, our 13 year old daughter underwent shoulder surgery to repair a detached labrum, a torn biceps tendon, and a loose shoulder capsule. She had an over-use injury from competitive swimming. As she began physical therapy after surgery, it was apparent to us that her body was very unbalanced. We went looking for a trainer that could work with her to strengthen her core, lower body, and rotator cuffs so that when she started swimming again, her shoulders would have the support they needed in the water. 


As we asked for recommendations, Jim Warren’s name came up over and over again. Jim spent 45 minutes on the phone discussing my daughter’s injury and began working with her two months after her surgery. He spent the entire first session assessing her athletic and physical strengths and weaknesses. He also talked to her about her goals in swimming and whether or not she was willing to put in the work that it would take to get her back in the sport she loved. I knew immediately that we had come to the right person. 


Jim worked with our daughter to strengthen the weak parts of her body and made her a stronger overall athlete. She swam in her first meet just four months after surgery and after seven months was ahead of her pre-surgery times. Jim is clearly talented at looking at athletes as individuals, and making them better, stronger, and faster. As impressive as his training abilities are, I think we were most impressed by how he mentored our daughter through the difficult process of coming back from an injury. There were many days that her resolve wavered, but Jim was there to give her encouragement and a kick in the butt when she needed it. We are so grateful to him.


UPDATE: After all the running drills, Hope also played lacrosse in High School and is now playing at Dennison College. Her brother Henry, who also trained w/Jim, is playing D-1 Lacrosse at Michigan!

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Jim helped my wife Cary and I build a workout regimen that supported our individual goals. Even though I am soon to be 70, I still ride road-bikes hard, downhill ski, and play golf at a high level. I also pilot my own helicopter and need strength, coordination, and focus. Cary is not a huge fan of fitness, but Jim made it easy, fun, and enjoyable for her with her own fitness and nutrition program which she has stuck with. Whether you are an NFL 1st round pick or 60-something skier, Jim is your guy!


Jack and Cary Boyle

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My name is Geordy Smith. I graduated from Highlands Ranch high school in 2012. My work with Coach Jim Warren began in the winter of 2010 going into 2011--my junior year. In the fall of 2010 I ran an 8.1 second 60 yard dash which was poor at best. My agility was nonexistent and any strength I had was due to my height: about 6’1” at the time. In just 9 months of training with Coach Warren, My 60 yard dash time improved to 6.9 seconds, I added more than 10 inches to my standing broad jump and I went from a meager 175 lbs to a much more imposing and muscular 185 or so lbs. That was just 9 months. From then to now is even more encouraging. My 60 yard dash time is a 6.8 seconds and I weigh a lean 200 lbs. It was due to my work with Coach Warren that I can start recruiting letters with “Hello my name is Geordy Smith. I am 6’3” and 200 lbs and run a 6.8 second 60 yard dash.”


After graduating high school in 2012, I was selected for the MLB draft by the Philadelphia Phillies. I opted to go to play in college to improve my game and to work on academics. I am confident that it is due to Coach Warren’s expertise, care, and encouragement that I went from a struggling un-athletic junior in high school to a thriving and driven college athlete with a major league draft pick under his belt. It is also because of Coach Warren that I have the interest, knowledge base, and yearning for knowledge in human physical performance.  


I am certainly blessed to have Coach Warren in my life. It is evident to me that he truly cares about his athletes not only in the gym, but as people and as friends. 


Geordy Smith, student / athlete

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  "Jim has a passion for creating Champions, whether fitness experts or athletes on the field. Jim teaches tools for creating integrated training programs which trainers and coaches can easily embrace and implement. Jim has a heart for success and inspires all those who cross his path"     Lisa Renee Tumminello   Int'l Education Director, Free Motion Fitness

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